Animal Bones: Uses for Survival

When an animal has been killed for game, you need to know how to use the animal bones to your best advantage. Want to know how? Read and find out.

Animal Bones: Uses for Survival

When you’re stuck out there in the wilderness with only your wits to survive, it’s plainly advisable that you use everything you see to good use, even animal bones. When it comes to a kill or be killed situation, you can use leftovers to save your own life. Also, you can find animal bones anywhere!


You can sharpen leftover bones from your latest kill into knives.

When looking for weapons, it is highly encouraged that you use a lengthy bone. Examples of lengthy bones in an animal are the femur and shin bones and etc. You have to grind the bone with a coarse rock to gain a sharp weapon at your disposal.

Sewing Needles

When in a situation which calls for survival, you need a sewing needle.

If you’ve got an open wound or a torn bag, you might be in dire need of needles. In order to fashion your very own sewing needle, you need to use small thin bones. Usually, you can find these in chip splinters from bigger bones. Then, afterwards, you use wet stone and sand to sharpen the bones. Lastly, you drill a hole in one hand. Voila! You now have a sewing needle.

Fishing Hook

You need a fishing hook if you want to have fish as your next dinner.

You may find it easier to shape fishing hooks rather than sewing needles. In animal bones, you can already find a few that are already shaped as hooks. These can be the jaw bones, nose bones, tarsal bones and etc. After finding the essential part, all you have to do is grind it into the proper shape.


You can actually burn bones for fire.

Bones can supplement very well, especially if you have a scarcity of firewood in your surroundings. You can use smaller bones such as rib bones, phalanges and etc. to start a fire.


Few people realize that bones can be used for fertilizers and it’s easy to apply it.

You can use bones to fertilize the soil as they contain phosphorous. If you have a handful of bones with you, its best to boil and bake. The next thing you need to do is to grind it into powder. Lastly, stir the powder with some warm water and wait for it to cool. Then you’ll have your fertilizer at the ready.


Bones are vastly underrated sources of food. They have important nutrients in its marrow.

If you’re out in the wilderness and have a few cuts and bruises, you can use the collagen in the bones to heal those said wounds. All you have to do is boil the bones to make a broth or grill it in foil to trap the grease.

Here’s a Youtube video to show you a few tricks on how to make use of animal bones:

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