Best .22 Caliber Rifles

A good survival rifle we can suggest is a .22 caliber rifle. It is versatile and the ammunition is cheap. It is good for hunting. It can also be used as self defense despite the lack of firepower. Are you looking for the best .22 caliber rifle? Here we will show you our list of best .22 caliber rifles.

Here’s our list of the best .22 caliber rifles:

  1. Ruger 10/22. This is by far the best .22 rifle I have seen. It is a rimfire rifle with 10-round rotary magazine (15 and 25-round capacity magazinea re also available). It weighs about 5 pounds and the length is around 37 inches. Ruger 10/22 has a wide range of customization too. It made to number one of our list of the best .22 caliber rifles!

2. Browning SA-22. This rifle is one of the first autoloading rimfire rifles ever made. It has a  slim, forged steel receiver and slender barrel that takes down into two compact units without tools.

3. CZ 452 .22 LR Rifle. This rifle is manufactured by Ceska Zbrojovka Uhershy Brod in Czech Republic. It is a repeating bolt-action, hand fed, rimfire rifle. Watch the video for more info.

4. Marlin Model 60. This gun made to our best .22 caliber rifles list because it is economically friendly. It is semi- automatic that shoots up to 100 yards. If you do not have enough money to buy high-end .22 rifles, you should pick this one. Watch the video for more info.

Is there anything we missed? Is there something that shouldn’t be included in our list of best .22 caliber rifles? Let us know in the comment section!

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