Best Survival Shotguns

Shotguns are some of the best long guns you can have. These beasts pack a punch, especially in close quarters. They work by scatter firing pellets called shots or solid projectiles called slugs. Moreover that, you can feed it different types of ammunition for different purposes making it a versatile thing.

They’re also easy to maintain and modular. In a survival type situation, they’re worthy additions to have at your disposal. The following list will be for what we consider the best survival shotguns to protect you and your companions.

The All Preppers United’s Best Survival Shotguns

Best Survival Shotguns Remington 870

Remington 870 (12 Gauge)

This 12 gauge pump-action shotty is what we consider the leader of the pack for survival shotguns. The Mossberg 590, also a 12 gauge pump-action, then just trails a little bit behind. Anyway, this shotgun comes in so many variants – ranging from civilian to law enforcement needs, from hunting to tactical aims – it has you covered. Its pump action smooth and reliable. Its caliber not rare. Its weight ranging from 7 to 8 pounds. It also being highly modular. Its capacity can reach upwards of a total of 8 shots. This gun is widely common and available, mostly at prices of 400$ which is more welcoming than most other guns.

Best Survival Shotguns Mossberg 590

Mossberg 590 (12 Gauge)

The Mossberg 500 series is the number one selling shotgun on the market. We picked out the 590 as the best one to have. Like the Remington 870, it too is a 12 gauge pump-action and has many variants. Both of them also are highly modular and have weights ranging from 7 to 8 pounds. Its capacity can go up to 9 shots. It’s available at just under 500$.

Best Survival Shotguns Benelli Nova

Benelli Nova

If you don’t like or can’t avail the Remington or the Mossberg, you can instead go for this Italian-made pump action shotgun. It has two main models, namely the Hunting and Tactical, as well as one variant, the Supernova, available. It weighs around 8 pounds. It can also hold up to 7 rounds with an extendable magazine but with the standard just a measly 5. It usually costs around 350 to 455 dollars.

You typically would want either of the 2 above the Nova.

After reading all that, how about reading our more general “Guns for Survival: What Guns Should I have?“.

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