Brush Raft Water Crossing

With two ponchos, you could either make the brush raft, of which we have on here, or also the Australian poncho raft. Both you can use for safely traversing (water crossing) over stream or river waters. For this post, we will be discussing the brush raft for water crossing survival.


A raft is a flat structure used for traversing over water. In regards to boat design, it is the most basic. Moreover that, what sets it apart from most other “boats” would be it having no hull. Mainly two kinds of rafts exist – namely man-made and natural rafts.

Brush Raft Water Crossing Survival

A properly constructed brush raft can support around 115 kilograms or 253 in pounds. You can make the brush raft with two ponchos.

Brush Raft Water Crossing Survival: Requirements

  • Two ponchos.
  • Fresh green bush.
  • Rope or vine
  • Two small saplings

Brush Raft Water Crossing Survival: Steps

  • You first will need to protrude forward the hood of each of the two ponchos to the inner side. Follow it up by tightly tying off their necks using the drawstrings.
  • Next, you will then need to attach the ropes or vines of the corner and side grommets of each of the two ponchos. Be sure that their length is enough to cross to and tie with the others that are attached at the opposite side or corner.
  • Next, you will then have to spread one poncho on the ground with its inner side up. Pile the fresh green brush on the poncho until it stacks around 45 centimeters high. Do not use thick branches for this. The drawstring then has to be pulled up through the middle of your stack.
  • An X-frame you must make from two small saplings. They then you need to place on top of the brush stack. The X-frame you will tie with the poncho drawstring securely in place.
  • Another 45 centimeters of brush you must pile next on top of the X-frame. Follow this up with slight compressing of your brush.
  • Pull then the sides of the poncho up and around the brush. Then using the ropes or vines attached to the corner or side grommets, tie them diagonally from corner to corner and from side to side.
  • Spread your second poncho, with the inner side up, next to your brush bundle.
  • Roll then your brush bundle onto the second poncho so that you have the tied side down. Afterwards, tie the second poncho around the bundle the same way you tied the first poncho around the brush.
  • Lastly, place it in the water with the tied side of the second poncho facing up.

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