Bushcraft Skills: Surviving the Outdoors.

When you are out in the wild, you won’t last a night without this basic skills. Bushcraft skills are essential in surviving the harsh condition of the outdoors. This skills will be the basis of life and death if you are away from civilization.

These are the bushcraft skills you need to learn.

Food Foragingbushcraft skills: food foraging


Out in the wild, you should know how to gather food. You would need nutrients in order to move.Foraging means gathering wild food like berries and fruits. Foraging skills include:


►knowledge of local plants

►camp cooking

►efficient harvesting

Trapping and Hunting

deer hunting

You will need meat and fur if you want to survive in the wild. Relying on berries and gathered food is not enough. One of the most reliable food sources are animals (if you know how to catch them). Here’s what you should develop to master hunting and trapping:

►Tracking and stalking game

►Reading animal signs

►Building snares

►Using lures

►Hiding human scent

►Tying knots

►Making cordage

►Cleaning and cooking game

►Using hunting weapons (bow and arrow, hunting rifle, etc.)

Water Gathering

You wont last a week with out water. Maybe less if you are constantly moving. You should know how to gather drinking water. You can’t just rely on rivers and creeks because the water might be contaminated. Here’s what you should learn:

►Foraging for water

►Making a water filter

►Purifying water

►Fire building (for boiling)

►Container making (for carrying water)

Shelter Building

Tips for Building Bushcraft Shelters


This is one of the three basic  needs of a man: (1)food and water (2)clothing (3)shelter. You should know how to build a good shelter.  Here’s the list of skills you should learn in order to build a shelter.

►Felling trees

►Batoning branches

►Harvesting other materials

►Thatching or weaving grass or bark

►Knot tying

►Making cordage

►Natural insulation and waterproofing

Fire Building

Fire Storm

This is the coolest skill you should learn. and equally important. You would need this to cook your food, purify your water and to keep you warm. Here’s the list of skills you should learn:

►Collecting wood

►Gathering tinder

►Batoning branches

►Building a bow drill, fire plough or other device

►Building a fire pit

►Types of fires and their uses

You should also know primitive fire building skills.

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