Ruger 10/22 Carbine: Specs and Review

When talking about survival and self-protection or maybe just having a past time for yourself through hunting, guns fairly belong into that conversation. Finding a gun that can do it all but still affordable is difficult nowadays despite of all the gun models available in the market. When we are talking about owning a gun, especially rifles really needs a bigger budget.

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Best .22 Caliber Rifles

A good survival rifle we can suggest is a .22 caliber rifle. It is versatile and the ammunition is cheap. It is good for hunting. It can also be used as self defense despite the lack of firepower. Are you looking for the best .22 caliber rifle? Here we will show you our list of best .22 caliber rifles.

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Guns for Survival: What Guns Should I Have?

To become a prepper, you should be ready for anything that may come. Including home invasion or terrorism. Most of us don’t have the luxury of owning entire gun arsenals.  All you need is to have guns for survival. The tips I’m about to give you are based on practicality. They are ideal for those people who are just starting in the firearm field.

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Top Four handmade survival Weapons

Learning how to make your very own handmade survival weapons will be extremely useful when the big day hits. It is quite interesting to note that many effective weapons and safety gears can be designed using everyday materials.

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