Chances of a Zombie Apocalypse

Zombies. Without the need for introducing what they are, seem to have pervaded into many of today’s culture. A global phenomenon, the undead have been glorified in countless films, video games and literary works, and we seem to just love and at the same time fear them.

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Top 5 Survival Forums to Follow

The best way to communicate and prepare is by participating in survival forums. There you will find other preppers and survivalists that can give you good preparation and survival ideas.

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Bushcraft Skills: Surviving the Outdoors.

When you are out in the wild, you won’t last a night without this basic skills. Bushcraft skills are essential in surviving the harsh condition of the outdoors. This skills will be the basis of life and death if you are away from civilization.

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The End of the Times in the Bible

The Holy Bible isn’t just a compilation of stories that shares the word of the Lord. There’s more to it than that. Our Holy Bible was created to be our guide and to give us wisdom. The message inside the Bible tells us about our future.

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