First Aid Emergency Action Plan

This is our First Aid Emergency Action Plan and it will teach you what to generally do in case of a first aid emergency.

First aid is given to those who have just gotten sick or injured. The practice includes self-help and homecare if medical assistance isn’t just possible.

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What’s Inside a First-Aid Kit?

A first aid kit is a vital part of survival. It is your lifesaver if you encounter injuries. In all calamities. disaster, or any SHTF situation, the first aid kit plays a vital role. So what should be inside a first-aid kit? Here’s what Red Cross suggests:

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How to Deal with Diseases During Calamities

Survival doesn’t end with the disaster.  Amidst the aftermath,there are things you need to attend to. Epidemic and diseases are inevitable during large-scale calamities. These problems, if not solved, will increase the number of casualties. You should deal with diseases during calamities before they claim lives.

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Natural Life Remedies

We are now in a day in age where it’s almost automatic for us that when we wake up with a heavy head, we immediately reach for the medicine cabinet and take headache tablets right away.

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Medicinal Herbs

When I hear the word herbs, I think pizza, pasta, complicated dishes, and television cooking shows. To put it simply, I always associate herbs with cooking spices. But herbs have more to offer than that. Herbs really are “God’s gift to mankind.”

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