Knife: An Essentials for Survival

Knife: An Essential for Survival
 This read expounds on our previous general summary discussion of the Ten Essentials for Survival.

The knife is part of the old or classic list of essentials. It would prove invaluable such to have this bladed tool when caught in a situation of survival – performing a dozen functions and roles. And even if what is on you is no knife meant for survival, that whatever kind you do have can still typically outshine plenty of other survival gear.

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Fallkniven A1 Review

Fallkniven A1 Review

The Fallkniven A1 Survival Knife is a heavy duty all-purpose semi-large knife made by the Swedish company, Fallkniven Knives. Today, to continue our trend of taking a look at different survival knives, we’re going to do a Fallkniven A1 review, covering this well-crafted blade of all its features and specifications.

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