Survival Kit Guide

The survival kit is a bundle of items and supplies made in preparation for survival situations; either purposed by civilians or military. There is no one single kit to follow as situations and tastes differ. But, we can still take queues from what is most being commonly done.

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Survival Kit (US Army) : What’s Inside

The US Army does not just have one survival kit but instead several; these of which being primarily issued to aviators. It has different kits for different kinds of climates/scenarios: hot climates, cold climates and overwater. But don’t forget you also have one more, that being the individual survival kit, outfitted with a general packet and medical packet.

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Velox II Large Tactical Backpack Review

3V Gear. A newer company that is making a name for itself in the industry. Providing plenty of high-end outdoor gear. From packs and bags to gun cases and pouches, they have you covered. They make a lot while setting industry standards with their much tried and tested line of equipment.

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Tom Brown Tracker: TOPS Knives Review

The survival knife is primarily intended to help people out in the wild. It can play a thousand roles and will ultimately be your best buddy when most of your gear gets lost and the situation turns even direr. Among other things it can be used for trapping, hunting, skinning and so on but can be also especially handy to inflict damage when a threat is present.

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Bear Grylls 60L: Survival Backpack Review

Before going out on an adventure, you should have a backpack that can hold all essentials that you would need. Your bag should also survive with you. Here’s a survival backpack review for Bear Grylls 60L backpack.

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