Chris Reeve Green Beret Knife: Knife Review

We all know that knives deals with a very significant role on our daily activities and having so many sets of knives just to meet the requirements of such is not that so efficient. So, we really tend to bargain to something that a can “do it all” type of knife.

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Everstryke Perma-match: EDC Tool Review

Hate to admit but even if how deadly fire can cause us, it is still very useful on our everyday activities. Especially on preparing our primary need in life which is food. With our technology nowadays, no doubt there are so many ways on how to start this very useful component.

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Top 5 Survival Knives

The most versatile survival tool is a knife. As a prepper, the most basic thing you should have in your kit is a knife. Survival knives are your best friends!

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EDT Mini Survival Multi Tool Review

Humans are so adventurous in nature. We always seek for challenges in life and most of the time we can’t do it on our own specially those things that can’t be done with our bare hands.

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