FireKable Bracelet : EDC Survival Gear

You have seen good paracord bracelets before but wait until you see FireKable Bracelet. This bracelet is made up of woven paracord that stretches out up to more than twenty feet of usable cord. It has  flint and steel for building fire and an emergency whistle at the buckle. It’s a really handy ECD you would want to add in your kit.

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Stinger Tactical Spy Pen Review

Our world is getting dangerous everyday. You can’t be so sure when you are walking down an alley. There may be someone in the dark waiting for you and strike when you are not ready. Some states in the US allows citizens to arm themselves with gun, provided, they are registered. But what if you don’t have a gun?

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Urban Survival Gear

A lot of times we talk about jungle survival kits. Of course, you’ll never know when you’ll get deserted in a jungle or some island where there are no convenience stores nor portable toilets. When coming across such a situation, the top priority of course is how to survive.

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