Survival Raft – Water Crossing

A raft would be any flat craft used to traverse over water. If there ever was a need for water transportation in a survival situation, options being scarce, its value you cannot undermine. Capable of transporting you and your equipment over water easier.

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Survival Navigation Basics

Learning how to navigate using a map would only be one step forward in knowing where to go and how. When in a survival situation, you will need to know how to navigate in a variety of ways. These ways, of course, using the environment to your advantage.

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Rivers and Streams Water Crossing Survival

Rivers and streams can come in all shapes and forms. These could be shallow or deep, perhaps narrow or wide, or even slow or fast moving. A good plan should be prepared beforehand when wanting to try and cross such. This is a guide for rivers and streams water crossing survival.

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Water Crossing Floatation Devices

Various floatation devices – you can fashion out of ordinary items or otherwise – exist for you to use. Use to traverse over water. These devices might not be as sturdy than rafts or other platforms but they can sure be handy when you’re short on time or materials.

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Brush Raft Water Crossing

With two ponchos, you could either make the brush raft, of which we have on here, or also the Australian poncho raft. Both you can use for safely traversing (water crossing) over stream or river waters. For this post, we will be discussing the brush raft for water crossing survival.

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