Chris Reeve Green Beret Knife: Knife Review

We all know that knives deals with a very significant role on our daily activities and having so many sets of knives just to meet the requirements of such is not that so efficient. So, we really tend to bargain to something that a can “do it all” type of knife.

This is to simply lessen the hitches that we will encounter in the long run and expenses is a factor that are also highly considered. One of the best knives i can recommend is the Chris Reeve Green Beret Knife.

Chris Reeve Green Beret knife is one of those multipurpose knives and the most balanced one. Designed by the renowned knife maker and designer Bill Harsey with function and manufacturing input from Chris Reeve.

Having a 370 gram weight, Chris Reeve Green Beret Knife is so efficient for its overall length of 12.4”. Its 7” blade is made up of CPM S35VN Stainless Steel and a hardiness of 55-57 RC which can sustain and can do any types of cutting, slicing, etc.

Chris Reeve Green Beret knife’s handle is made up of black canvas micarta causing it to have a solid grip. The grip of Chris Reeve Green Beret knife’s design is highly indexed using three large scallops to focus hand security and retention making it more convenient and comfortable to the user.

Chris Reeve Green Beret Knife Roles

Chris Reeve Green Beret knife cannot be called as a multipurpose knife without a proof of it being one. So here are some example roles that Chris Reeve Green Beret knife can offer you:

• Chopping tool – there’s no doubt it was designed primarily for cutting but Chris Reeve Green Beret knife can also be used as chopping tool and can work well cutting small wood trees into 2-3 inches in diameter and other softwoods faster than other quality chopping knives.

• Splitting Woods – with Chris Reeve Green Beret knife thick wedge design worked well on doing the job and could chisel through knotty sections of oaks for example and it’s more effective with the use of a baton.

• Food Preparations – basically the sharpness of the Chris Reeve Green Beret knife is spectacular that there’s no question it can slice meats, soft fruits and vegetables.

• Carving and sharpening wood – though it has been outclassed by some of the carving knives, Chris Reeve Green Beret knife’s can still perform. By using the both regions of its blade the serrations can have for about 75% of the carving ability of the plain edge.

Chris Reeve Green Beret knife. A perfect tool, multipurpose, lesser cost and long lasting that can be with you and ready to help you anytime.

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