How to Deal with Diseases During Calamities

Survival doesn’t end with the disaster.  Amidst the aftermath,there are things you need to attend to. Epidemic and diseases are inevitable during large-scale calamities. These problems, if not solved, will increase the number of casualties. You should deal with diseases during calamities before they claim lives.

Preparedness: best way to deal with diseases during calamities.

Preparing your own personal training is the best way to fight diseases. Your own knowledge will be the one to save you from the epidemic.

Diseases during a disaster can be classified in to four categories.

  • food and water contamination
  • respiratory infection
  • vector diseases
  • wound infection

To prepare for the possible diseases, you need to know about them. So here are some common diseases during calamities.

  • Diarrhea -this usually happens when you drink contaminated water. These are caused by bacteria like V. cholera and E. coli.
  • Hepatitis – both Hepatitis A and E are cause by drinking water that came in contact with fecal waste.
  • Leptospirosis – it is a disease that is caused by coming in contact with water contaminated by rodent urine.
  • Malaria – it is a disease carried by mosquitoes. These usually happens after a flood.
  • Wound infections – some serious threats are tetanus, staphylococci, and streptococci

Before disaster, you should have enough supplies of medicine in your emergency stash. Learn the treatment for each disease. Also, you should have a stock of clean water (sealed to prevent contamination).

After disaster, you should check for any minor wounds. Even a little prick will cause a lot of problems if not solved. Ensure that your food and water is not contaminated in any way. Also, avoid going to the most crowded area of the evacuation center. Large crowds promotes the spread of communicable  diseases.

Preparedness is the biggest lifesaver you can have. Knowledge is your best weapon against diseases.

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