Fallkniven A1 Review

The Fallkniven A1 Survival Knife is a heavy duty all-purpose semi-large knife made by the Swedish company, Fallkniven Knives. Today, to continue our trend of taking a look at different survival knives, we’re going to do a Fallkniven A1 review, covering this well-crafted blade of all its features and specifications.


The knife is a fixed-blade and the blade itself is 6.3 inches long, 0.24 inches thick and is drop point in style. It’s made of VG-10 stainless steel and its edge is plain. For the handle, it comes with the Kraton grip. The total length of the whole knife is 11 inches and weighs approximately 12 ounces. Now lastly for the sheath, it’s made up of a lightweight Black Zytel polymer but can also come in leather.

To summarize some of its specifications

  • Fixed-Blade.
  • 6.3 inches in Blade Length.
  • 0.24 inches thick.
  • VG-10 Blade Material.
  • Polymer or Leather Sheath.
  • Plain Blade Edge.
  • Drop Point.
  • Different Handles.
  • Almost full tang.

Fallkniven A1 Review: Features

Let’s first start with the blade. The blade is powerful as it composes of some tough VG-10 stainless steel. It’s  also sharp and can leave an impression when it cuts. It’s more than enough good to use to chop and split wood and good in all areas and situations elsewhere. The Kraton handle is also great as it is grippy and ergonomic allowing it to aptly work with daily tasks. Furthermore, the Zytel Sheath allows it to fasten itself even inversely on your belt or pack. However, the sheath is functioning but sadly unexceptional. It probably is the weakest thing about the knife as it may not be as sturdy and good to work with.

To summarize some good points

  • Sharp.
  • Tough.
  • Solid grip.
  • Multi-purpose.

Some off-points for example

  • Unexceptional Sheath.
  • May feel small.
  • Defects Reports.

Fallkniven A1 Review: My Verdict

In summary, I think it’s safe to say that the Fallkniven A1 is definitely a survival knife you should consider buying. While the sheath might hold it back from say, being the best, it still is a superb knife to have. Regardless, it still is functional.

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