FireKable Bracelet : EDC Survival Gear

You have seen good paracord bracelets before but wait until you see FireKable Bracelet. This bracelet is made up of woven paracord that stretches out up to more than twenty feet of usable cord. It has  flint and steel for building fire and an emergency whistle at the buckle. It’s a really handy ECD you would want to add in your kit.

FireKable Bracelet

The paracord in FireKable Bracelet

FireKable Survival Bracelet is made up of woven paracord. So what is paracord?

Paracord is a kind of military-grade tactical rope used in World War II parachutes. It is a very strong cord with multiple uses in survival. It is way better than regular nylon rope.  Here’s why:

  • Paracord is tough: it has a minimum breaking point of 550 lbs.
  • It has seven 2-ply yarns inside a sheathe made of 32 woven strands.
  • It is lightweight.
  • It is inexpensive.
  • It can be woven to make a stylish ornament (well, a nylon rope can be used too but this one looks cooler).

Aside from being a strong rope, paracord also has multiple uses in survival. Here’s a list of some of its uses:

  • For shelter. The cords can be used for securing your shelter posts and tarps.
  • Fishing. Its ‘guts’ or internal yarns can be used as fishing lines. It can also be woven into fishing nets.
  • Trapping. The internal yarns are strong enough to be used as snares and animal traps.
  • Sewing. The ‘guts’ are thin enough to be used as sewing string.

Other features of FireKable Paracord Bracelet


The whistle. It has a built-in whistle in the buckle that can be used for calling help -without losing your voice.

The fire-starter kit. It is probably the coolest feature of the bracelet. You don’t need a lighter or a match to start a fire. As long as you know how to use flint and steel, you will have a good fire for the night.

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