First Aid Emergency Action Plan

This is our First Aid Emergency Action Plan and it will teach you what to generally do in case of a first aid emergency.

First aid is given to those who have just gotten sick or injured. The practice includes self-help and homecare if medical assistance isn’t just possible.

Its main objectives are to

  • help suffering
  • stop further injury or danger
  • extend life


Survey the scene

Ask and answer:

  • Is it safe?
  • Who else can help?
  • Do you know first aid?
  • Who needs first aid?
  • What is the help available?

Do the Primary Survey

  • Get consent
  • Check for the patient’s consciousness
  • Check for the patient’s airway (Head Tilt–Chin Lift Maneuver)
  • Check for the patient’s signs of life
  • Check for the patient’s sign of circulation (severe bleeding)

Call for Medical Assistance or Transfer Facility

Important information when calling for medical assistance

  • What happened?
  • Location?
  • The number of people injured.
  • The extent of the injury and the first aid given.
  • The number you’re calling from.
  • The identity of the caller.

Do the secondary survey

  • Interview the victim
  • Ask for the victim’s name
  • Ask what happened
  • Assess the SAMPLE history
    • S for Signs/Symptoms
    • A for Allergies
    • M for Medications
    • P for Past Illnesses
    • L for Last Oral Intake
    • E for Events Leading Up

Check the vital signs

  • Determine pulse rate (radial/carotid)
    • Adult     60 to 100 per minute
    • Child      70 to 150 per minute
    • Infant    100 to 160 per minute
  • Determine breathing (respiration rate)
    • Adult     12 to 20 per minute
    • Child      15 to 30 per minute
    • Infant    25 to 50 per minute

Determine skin condition

  • Temperature
  • Moisture
  • Color of face and lips
  • Examine from head-to-toe looking for other injuries by means of palpation.
  • Check if the patient has any deformity, contusion, abrasion, puncture, burn, tenderness, laceration, or swelling.

More in-depth topics about First Aid will have their own articles made in the future.

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