Handling Attackers: Know Where To Hit

When it comes to a situation where handling attackers becomes a daily occurrence, you need to know the vulnerable areas in order to protect yourself. This can come in handy when someone is trying to mug you, rape you or downright murder you. Read ahead and find out these tips!

Attackers are unpredictable people. You have to react quickly when they make a move on you. Any moment of hesitation might cost dearly to you. So you have to act fast. Knowing the vulnerable parts of the human anatomy might save your life one day!


The eyes are very vulnerable to any kind of attack. You can hit them anytime you want, especially if you are in close contact with your attacker. Attacking the eyes will either blind or severely paralyze the person for several seconds, giving you enough time to escape.


If you can hit the hose with your fist, it will make the attacker’s eyes water and stun them for a short period of time. Remember. All you need to do is distract your attacker long enough to either call 911 or bolt out of there.

Adam’s Apple

Hitting your attacker’s throat will cause them to choke and wheeze for air. This is very convenient as well, especially if there is little space between you and that person.


It doesn’t matter if you hit a man or a woman–hitting someone in the groin area guarantees a whole lot of pain on the other party’s part. This will allow you to flee from the scene.


The diaphragm is located below the rib cage. If you hit that area hard enough, your attacker is bound to bend over in order to catch their breath. Hit hard enough and they might end up collapsing on the floor, allocating enough time for you to get help.


You can damage the knee by kicking it hard enough and there’s even a huge chance that you might break or dislocate your attacker’s kneecap long enough for a quick escape.


The shin is in the lower leg region between the knee and the ankle. You can hit that particular area in order to throw your attacker off course and make a hasty exit.


Stepping hard on the instep of your attacker’s footstep will momentarily cause them tremendous pain, since that area is filled with many nerves. You can either stomp or swift kick it hard enough.


If you are in a position between life and death, the sternum is a good place to hit your attacker. Since your elbow is the hardest point of your body, you can use it to hit your attacker’s chest. If you hit hard enough, the blow might even be fatal. Again, it’s a position between life and death.


If you’re close enough to hit your attacker’s face, the jaw is the best area to go for. You can easily dislocate or cause a lot of pain for the mouth and lip.


If your attacker has a firm grip on you and you can reach their fingers, bend them. You also have the option to break them. You can even pull them. This will cause a lot of pain, blinding your opponent and throwing them off focus.

Remember: it’s better to be safe than sorry. And handling attackers is better than being scarred for life. If you want to learn a few more basic self-defense moves, you may visit this page.

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  1. first you have to learn how to “shape” your natural weapons. If you dont, you’ll hurt yourself worse than your attacker would have done ((probably) smashed hands or toes are no joke!

    then you learn how to use those weapons, how to block, fake, spot and seize an opportunity. you have to have the right weapon, angle and distance, or nothing works. and you have to have SPEED, cause that opportunity will probably only be available for a fraction of a second. Learning how to REALLY kick well does more for you than anything else, but you have to be REALL good, or lifting a foot off of the ground is a horrible mistake.


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