Knife: An Essentials for Survival

 This read expounds on our previous general summary discussion of the Ten Essentials for Survival.

The knife is part of the old or classic list of essentials. It would prove invaluable such to have this bladed tool when caught in a situation of survival – performing a dozen functions and roles. And even if what is on you is no knife meant for survival, that whatever kind you do have can still typically outshine plenty of other survival gear.

We will discuss more different aspects of this in their own separate posts.

Probably any outdoorsman or survivalist carries one.

When carrying a knife on-board a commercial flight, pack it alongside your check-in baggage. Else, if not, the authorities will confiscate it.

Note: Different countries have different laws concerning the legality of certain aspects of such blades.


While still useful, if allowed only to carry a single blade, you will need something more than just a multi-bladed folding knife.

You will need something stronger. A general-purpose blade that can perform a hundred different doable tasks in an efficient and easy manner. Functions stretching from the chopping of wood to the much softer work of preparing and handling dead animals and vegetables.

Some survival knives have handles with compasses built into them. Some also have hollow handles. Erstwhile great features to have, they do have their drawbacks. Such as compasses wearing off once used enough times on harder surfaces or hollow handles inviting the possibility of breaking.


One cannot stress enough how important a piece of survival gear/equipment a knife is. As so, you must duly maintain its edge and make sure you use it properly. Never sticking it into trees or the ground. Keeping it clean also. And oiling and sheathing it when not used.

When moving about -especially through rugged and thick terrain- try to always consistently check back on your knife + pockets and other possessions. This should be a natural and automatic habit or reflex you possess so that you do not lose any gear on the move.

And if ever you do lose your knife, it means you also lose a huge integral part of your survival kit. It would be better then to keep it stored away in a sheath fixed on your load bearing equipment/gear or in a separate pouch attached to your belt.

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