Makeshift Survival Light Sources

One can have makeshift survival light sources to accommodate for a lack of conventional sources of light. This could be due to a cut in power or some other reason. Illumination is the reason why we can pick and visualize objects from the pitch black that is the darkness.

Lot is to be affected if vision were to be hampered. That is why these are some makeshift survival light sources you can make as improvised gear as taught to you.

Can Lantern

One is able to make a can lantern with just a can of soda or beer, some wick, and oil. First thing you have to do is cut your can in two and then fill the bottom half with oil. Thoroughly soak the wick and then get it through topside. Finish your creation by sliding both halves of the split can back together. Additionally, you may want to use tape to secure both the halves.

Crisco Candlelight

With a can of Crisco shortening, plus some wick, you have a recipe to a candle that is capable of burning up to a month. The wick, otherwise known as that sort of thread that runs down a candle, must come from a natural material such as a mop strand or piece of cloth. For this, you have materials such as cotton and cardboard, etc.


You can make a fairly simple non-bushcraft torch with basically just three items. To make this, you need to have on hand a long stick, some fuel, and natural cloth, rope or fiber. You first wrap the cloth/rope/fiber around your stick. Then you soak one end of it with fuel. You can use such fuels as kerosine or oil for this. Ignite it and you now have a torch that works great for lighting and keeping predators off your way.

Crayon CandleMakeshift Survival Light Sources Improvised Gear

A crayon, in essence, is just colored wax. You can burn them like a candle for light. The paper acts as the wick and the crayon, well, as the wax that burns and melts. The burn of a single crayon can last 10 up to 30 minutes.

Device Screens

You should not overlook the screens of electronic devices. For they can be potential sources of illumination. This could be your smartphone or your watch.

Perhaps you have the money and want to prep, you may want to take a look at theĀ Hybeam Tactical Flashlight.

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