Primitive Fire Building Techniques

Out in the cold without a match or lighter? These primitive fire building techniques could help you. In bushcrafting, making fire is a basic skill, or I should say, in survival, fire making is a basic skill. To survive, fire is essential. It has been proved by our ancestors thousands of years ago.

So here’s 7 primitive fire building techniques for surviving the outdoors:

  1. Hand Drill

The Hand Drill Technique is one of the simplest friction method fire building technique. however, maintaining friction can be a bit difficult because you have to use your hands in rotating the spindle. It would best work in dry climates.

Watch this tutorial video to know how:

2. Two-Man Friction Drill

It is more like the hand drill but you must have a partner to maintain friction. It is more convenient than hand drill. However, you cannot do this alone.

See image for info:

Fire Building Techniques

3. Fire Plow Method

All you need is two pieces of wood. This method produces it’s own tinder by pushing the plow through the fireboard. As temperature increases, the fire ignites. See video below to know how to do it:

4. Fire Pump Drill

This is a fire building method invented by the Iroquois. It uses a flywheel to generate friction. The crossbar and flywheel are made of hardwood; the spindle and fireboard are made from softwoods (just like in the hand drill). Watch the video to know how to use this technique.

5. Bow Drill

Of all the friction fire building techniques, this method is most efficient at maintaining the speed and pressure needed to produce a coal, and also the easiest to master. Watch this tutorial video to learn how do it.

6. Firepiston

This method uses a firepiston device. The basic concept of this device is air pressure. The pressure creates heat. When pressure rises rapidly and efficiently, it would light up your tinder. Watch this:

7. Flint and Steel

Striking soft steel against a hard flint would start a spark to burn your tinder. In ancient times, our ancestors find flints in the ground to use as firestarters. But now, there are firestarter kits available in the market (although it uses the same flint and steel concept). For an EDC firestarter flint and steel kit, check this cool fire starting bracelet. Watch the video tutorial to know how to use flint and steel.

I hope these fire building techniques helps you.

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