Survival Navigation Basics

Learning how to navigate using a map would only be one step forward in knowing where to go and how. When in a survival situation, you will need to know how to navigate in a variety of ways. These ways, of course, using the environment to your advantage.

Navigation is a key part of survival you must master and learn. These are the survival navigation basics.

Navigation broadly refers to any skill of determining where you are at and where you are heading. Most common is it to use the four cardinal directions to visualize “directions”.

If one does not possess a compass, you can make up for it in a number of ways. If you find a dead end, it will not excuse you from then looking for another. We can use in its stead a map, perhaps the sun and our shadow, and improvise a compass even… in short – the options at your disposal are vast and ripe if you just know how to use your cards.

Though most methods, however, just point you to a general direction. If you can familiarize yourself with the terrain and or environment, you can better understand the patterns of things. Get a better a feel of the area. This thus then allowing you to get a truer sense of direction.

When navigating, you must learn all there is to the terrain or territory of where you are at. Remembering key landmarks and locations.

Under future posts, we will place topics that talk about “reading the signs” as a part of survival navigation.

So, under survival navigation, we can, say, discuss multiple ways at anticipating environmental conditions. For example, we can use the clouds to foretell weather. This of which would be important in making survival preparations and survival planning.

Refreshing your survival basics knowledge goes well in bettering your understanding of this lesson.

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