Survival Skills: Food Foraging

Food is one of the three basic needs of humans. It gave us energy to do our daily tasks and gave us the nutrients that is needed in our body in order for us to survive. But what will happened if we are accidentally trapped or out of food supplies in an adventure?

Where can we find our food to able for us to have an energy for each and every day? In this blog I will introduce to you a survival skill called as food foraging and some guides for you to use whenever you fall into these kinds of circumstances.

Guide to Food Foraging

Familiarizing the Plants and their uses

This is the first step on food foraging where you are located. Being able to identify as many plants as you can is an advantage for you to avoid poisoning yourself because not all plants in the wild is edible. Through this, you are more careful and aware to which kind of plants you need to forage. You will also need to identify their uses. Always remember that every living organism is part of a larger ecosystem. So, don’t just go up there foraging food and knowing only that it is edible.

Only pick the right amount

Always keep in mind that too much greed can put you to harm. So, in food d, you should be aware on the plants and the number you’re going to harvest. Only get a right amount for you to consume for a day because you don’t have any preservation tool whenever you’re in the wild and will just be put into waste.


Even though it’s quite tempting, never harvest plants that are located roadside or any place that is a subject to pollution. To avoid harm.

Make sure your body accepts the wild edibles

After you harvest the wild edibles, you need to be sure that it is fully accepted by your body and will not cause you any allergies or disease. So first, you need to rinse it well particularly on the part that you will be using. Second, test one new plant per day. To be able for your body to adopt the new plant properly and will not put into shock. Lastly, test the plant little by little. If you don’t get any reactions from your body, then the plant is safe to eat.

Give mother Earth something in return

As one of her responsible occupants, you should also need to give her back the kindness she has given to you on your times of need. Casting some seeds into the wild is a way of giving back the favor to her. If each us occupants here on earth is as responsible as we are, the world would be a better place.

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