Survive Floods: How?

Survive Floods How Today, we’re going to help you know how to survive floods, at least in the most idyllic sense. These are overflows in water that submerge dry land. As a result of these “floods”, 200 people in the United States alone die each year. Furthermore, they can devastate communities as they invite the forces of water to crash against properties and homes.

Your safety will rely on your preparedness, course of action when warned and during said disaster, and how you caution yourself just right after. One last thing to note is that it is important to realize that floods don’t just kill through drowning but can also do so via other ways, namely: toppling over things and getting them wet which can cause them to short-circuit or ignite.

Survive Floods How Action Plan

This ought to be your action plan

What to do to survive floods: Before

  1. Ask how safe your location is from floods.
  2. Get to know the flood warning system in your locale and make sure your family knows it.
  3. Keep informed of daily weather conditions.
  4. Plan an evacuation area.
  5. Assign family members instructions and responsibilities based on this plan.
  6. Keep food that needs not much cooking and or refrigeration as electricity can go off.
  7. Keep with you always a transistor radio and flashlight with spare batteries.
  8. Have emergency cooking equipment, candles, matches and first aid kits in case of an emergency.
  9. Store supplies and other appropriate household things above expected flood water level.
  10. Secure weak dwellings and items.

What to do to survive floods: When Warned

  1. Watch for rising flood waters.
  2. Listen to your radio for emergency instructions.
  3. If you think you need to evacuate, move to a safer area before flood waters block you off.
  4. Store drinking water in containers as water service might stop.
  5. Move household items to upper levels.
  6. Get livestock to higher ground.
  7. Switch off electricity at the main switch in the building before evacuating. Also, lock your house.

What to do to survive floods: During

  1. Avoid areas prone to flash floods.
  2. Do not try to cross rivers or flowing streams where water is above the knee.
  3. Beware of flooded roads and bridges.
  4. Do not swim or boat in bloated rivers.
  5. Eat only well-cooked food. Ward leftovers against contamination.
  6. Only drink clean or preferably boiled water.

What to do to survive floods: After

  1. Be careful to re-enter dwellings. Use flashlights, not lanterns or torches.
  2. Be alert for fire hazards like broken wires.
  3. Do not consume food and water until checking them for flood water contamination.
  4. Report broken utility lines, namely: electricity, water, gas and telephone, to proper authorities.
  5. Do not turn on the main switch or use wet appliances and other equipment until an electrician checks them.
  6. Consult health authorities for immunization requirements.
  7. Do not enter disaster areas. Your presence might disturb rescue and other emergency operations.

For more general information on how to survive Floods, be sure to also read our “Be Ready for Disaster: Flood Survival“.

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