Survival Basics

This is the post where we explain the most fundamental aspect of survival – survival itself. What it means and how you can achieve it. This is a run-through on the core of survival – survival basics. Where we give you the run-down on the very key aspect of this entire blog.

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Survival Skills Basics

Survival Skills Basics

Survival skills are things of knowledge, techniques, to survive in whatever kind of environment. They may very well be at the heart of survival itself. If you don’t know how to sustain your basic needs, how ever will you survive? To sum up, what these skills are, we made this general overview of them.

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Pump Drill Method: Fire Building Skills

Pump Drill Method

The Native American tribe, the Iroquois, is known as the pioneers of the pump drill method of making fires. They did so through the use of a flywheel that generated friction. This makes it share the same kind of principle behind the bow drill. Its construction is rather complex, but because of that complexity, it makes fire building an easy process.

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Fire Piston Method: Fire Building Skills

fire Piston Method

We can start fires with air, and how does one do this you might ask? Well, one can make a fire piston, a device that’s been around for so long to start signal, camp and cooking fires. It’s mainly composed of a piston and cylinder, using compression to rapidly heat up tinder and turn it into coal. It’s most suggested for ease that one will use Charcloth as tinder.

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