Basic Tips for Building Bushcraft Shelters

Out there in the woods, you’d only last a few hours in the cold. What if you don’t have a tent? Building shelter and a fire could save your life. Just like the old native tribes, you have to make a shelter out of the materials you can find in the woods.

The following tips for building bushcraft shelters would be your basic guidelines in keeping yourself safe from the elements and harm.

Important tips for building bushcraft shelters. 

tips for building bushcraft shelters

The Right Place

Most important thing to consider in building a shelter is finding the right place to build your shelter. The place you are looking for should be leveled and it should be near lots of  building materials. Avoid making shelter in low-lying areas as these areas may become flooded when rain comes. Natural features such as fallen trees, caves, or rock overhangs can provide shelter from the elements and with a little bit of modification, you can already have a comfortable shelter.

A Sturdy Shelter

Make sure that your shelter is strong. Use interlocking forked branches for the framework and fix it with rope for extra strength. The last thing you would want is your shelter collapsing on you while you sleep. keep the roof at a steep angle to shed water and  cover the entire roof support with whatever material you find. Make sure that the posts do not stick up through the roof because this will let water drip inside your shelter.

Create as much insulation as possible. Your shelter should keep you warm for the night. If you have enough time, it is recommended to create a raised bed using logs and dried leaves. You have to make sure you are warm or you will catch hypothermia. Your shelter should protect you against the chilling wind of the night.

Build a Fire

Fire will keep you warm for the night and will keep away wild animals like wolves. You can also utilize it for cooking a meal.Gather enough fuel and build a good fire that will last through the night. Primitive fire building skills is needed if you don’t have a fire starter kit.

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