Top 5 Survival Forums to Follow

The best way to communicate and prepare is by participating in survival forums. There you will find other preppers and survivalists that can give you good preparation and survival ideas.

Here’s our list of top survival forums:

1.Survivalist Boards.

Survivalist Boards is a good Forum with lots of boards and members. They have a wide variety of topics and over 3300 members. Visit them at:

2. My Survival Forum.

“My Survival Forum is a community of like minded people who are here to learn from each other and prepare for surviving without modern conveniences. Our forum is designed to be a hub of information on a variety of survivalist skills, information, stories, and ideas.”

Visit them at:

NOTE: In hindsight, we should not have included this forum. We had hoped to provide alternatives for readers to do due diligence but this was one that should have just been ignored.


This survival forum website has lots of articles featured and contains very good ideas for prepping, surviving, and home protection. They have a good number of affiliate websites which tackles survival and prepping.

Visit them at:

4. When SHTF.

When SHTF is a forum that tackles mostly about urban survival. However, the members also discuss outdoor survival skills. They also talk a lot about disaster and equipment.

Visit them at:

5. Survival Monkey.

This forum mostly talks about bushcraft, off-grid survival and outdoor survival. If you want to learn a lot about surviving away from civilization, you might want to talk to these people.

Visit them at:

5 thoughts on “Top 5 Survival Forums to Follow”

  1. Almost all the members on MySurvivalForum are *paid* posters from the service PostLoop. There are only a handful of them are not. Who wants to spend time talking to fakes paid per post? No thanks.

    WhenSHTF was great back in the day, but it has gone down hill in recent years. Still, there is some good content there.

    • I’ve only lurked at MySurvivalForum and found the content to be generally rubbish. If they are paid writers that might explain it. Some of their mods are pretty douchey too. One of them lives in a mountain man fantasy world. All and all, it wasn’t worth signing up for. Considering it is a fake community, I’m glad I didn’t bother.

      A couple regional sites that are helpful are FLSurvival and BayouShooters. The former isn’t as active as it used to be, but it is still pretty good. The latter is more of a gun forum, but they have good content on preparedness too.

      • Yah … “rubbish” sound about right for MySurvivalForum. I was on there a minute ago and they’ve only had like one post in the last 24-hours. Must of run out of dough to play their crap fake posters. LOL!

  2. My review:

    WhenSHTF is nearly dead. The new ownership ran it into the ground by letting the lunatics run wild. By the time they were banned, it was too late. Almost all the regular posters bailed, went to other communities, or, in at least two cases, started their own forums.

    My Survival Forum is populated by fake paid-to-post members. Any forum that is “alive” with people who are, literally, paid to make posts and threads should not be on any list—period. It is embarrassing, at best. It is unethical, at worst.

    Survival Boards is still quite alive, but is loaded with tinfoil-hat wearing conspiracy wackjobs. There is a lot of good resources there though, particularly the downloads section.

    Survival Monkey is pretty good. Nice layout and board software. The wackadoodle stuff is, rightly, confined to a section.

    No idea about Survival Forums dot org, so can’t comment on that one.


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