Top Four handmade survival Weapons

Learning how to make your very own handmade survival weapons will be extremely useful when the big day hits. It is quite interesting to note that many effective weapons and safety gears can be designed using everyday materials.

After all, no one clearly knows when the SwillHTF and your home requires emergency exits. With this being said, here are our top four handmade survival weapons you can make easily and quickly.

According to experts, there are two different types of weapons: The very first one will help you defend your shelter and home. The others you can use to combat temporary situations.

Handmade Survival Weapons

Weapon #1 – Using paper bricks
The idea of using paper bricks for survival has a history that dates back to the early 1960s. It was introduced by English soccer hooligans. They considered paper bricks as an ingenious way of sneaking weapons into sports environments. Violent followers at Millwall Football club used paper bricks as a fascinating means of attacking opponents.
To make a paper brick, you should stack several sheets of newspaper one over the other. The newspaper sheets should be folded neatly into 2-inch sections. Continue folding the newspaper till a solid roll is formed. Now, bend the newspaper roll and tie it using a twine. You can use the paper brick as a bludgeon or cosh.

Weapon #2 – Wood & Stone Clubs
Secondly, many youngsters from the early 1970s used stone and wood clubs to launch an attack. These are very simple handmade weapons with intense power! The stone and wood club requires a thick branch with a diameter of 2 inches and a length of 1 foot.
If possible get hold of fresh wood to witness amazing results.

Moving on, find an oval shaped rock that will fit inside the wooden handle. Conversely, you should squeeze the rock into the handle and tie a rope around it. Now, you have a solid hammer that can smash almost anything.

Weapon #3 – Pepper Spray
320px-Pepper_spray_DemonstrationThirdly, you can prepare a powerful pepper spray at home. This is a non-lethal way of protecting yourself during tough times. To make pepper spray, you should get hold of a spray bottle, chili powder, 14 ounces of vinegar and two tablespoons of oil.
Mix the oil, vinegar and chili powder in the spray bottle. Let the mixture settle in a cool place for at least 12 hours. Pour the amount of mixture you need into a spray bottle. The pepper spray will become very strong if you use fresh chili peppers.

Weapon #4 – Stone Knife
The list of handmade survival weapons will remain incomplete without the “Stone knife”. This is an essential gear that can be used to make other weapons, find food and be used to protect yourself.

handmade survival weapons

To make a stone knife, you should find a rectangular rock that can be shaped easily. One end of the rock should be flat and the other end must be round! Brace the rock carefully till its edges chip off and become sharp.



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