Urban Survival Basics: What is Urban Survival?

To open up the topic, we would like to define “urban survival” in essence as survival in an urban setting. An apocalyptic or major catastrophe does not necessarily have to be the preceding factor. But you could always still apply the things that we will teach you throughout these urban survival lessons to those kinds of scenarios.

Simply put, you could just be then in the concrete jungle or some kind of environment similar – vulnerable to all the creeping dangers. These are the urban survival basics.

In summary, urban survival comprises of three key points. These are security, self-defence, urban wildlife.

For urban survival, you will need the same awareness and responses required, if you were placed in a survival situation, in the wilderness.  Whatever that is necessary there basically you would also require here.

Danger can creep from any corner. A tight economy increases crime rates. This would therefore then also increase the chance of falling victim to crime. This unless of course, you do something about it. It would be beneficial to self-reliance if you know how to avoid or even repel such.  The self-reliance, the know how to survive in such urban environments.

The greatest threat to many city folks can be violence. The most basic defenses against this are thinking before you act and avoidance. It is not to say that you should shut yourself in, out of the world. But rather, to always keep on the lookout for danger, also using common sense as much as you can.

Even in locations urban, animals can still be threats. No matter where you are, animals can turn violent. If provoked, they can harm us humans. Knowing how to recognize and ward such as these off truly is beneficial to urban survival. They do not need to be large or venomous for them to leave scars or even kill.

Above this would be the primary basics of survival itself.

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