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How visible your home is can be a factor in its security. As so, we will discuss the role that visibility plays in for home security. This expands our discussion of home security.

Privacy, this much refers to lessening the visibility of your house, goes against security. You will need to balance both of these elements. Things such as fences, trees, hedges and shrubbery that screen and shroud your house can give intruders obstructions to cover behind.

When you have hedges, you will need to keep them just low enough. Low enough for people to be able to see over them and keep an eye on the entrances to your house. Thorny hedges can also discourage intruders from attempting to get through them.

With a trellis, when mounted, you can make fences and garden walls much more secure and less easily climbable. These should be too frail and high enough for climbing. While not meant to completely keep burglars off away, it would be enough for the discouragement. And this obviously only would work if there is no other way to get over, around, or perhaps even under it.


The illumination outside your house should have the purpose to make visible any lurkers. Using normal garden lighting could offer people more chances to hide in the shadows they create. Placing a light above or just to the side of a door would be a good idea. This would be good as it would shine light on any person attempting to break in through the door. Also, as a bonus it can help you see through, if you have so, your peephole.

Having timers or light-sensitive switches can also be good ideas for security lighting. These work to automatically shine light – this could be beneficial for security when you are not at home. You can also use movement dependent lights such as with infra-red detectors which are activated when any person comes into their working radius or range. This has the potential to scare attempting burglars into thinking you are at home suspicious of their movements.

What you could do next is go back to the urban survival basics.

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