Witnessing A Burglary: Safety and Security

This continues our safety and security post. Here, we are to discuss what possible scenarios you could be in that have you smack right in the middle of a burglary as a witness.

When you arrive at your home or workplace and are sure or at least have reasons to suspect that a burglary is taking place. But these guidelines you can also apply to other locations, not necessarily those which have a connection to you or make you as the victim. That and especially more important what to do in such cases. In summary, this is a guide for what needs to be done when one is witnessing a burglary for safety and security / urban survival.

What to Do When Witnessing a Burglary: Safety and Security – Urban Survival

Do not go in if you think that the intruders could still be inside. You ought to first call the police and find a safe vantage point. Such as outside or at your neighbour’s. Be ready to jot down and put into memory whatever descriptions of people or vehicles of the thieves that leave the scene. Do not try to apprehend the thieves.

This is what you would generally do when witnessing a burglary that is unfolding. But that knowledge would be too bare, so let us go into more specifics.

If you arrive on foot

Just walk on. If ever you have already reached the door then turn around and proceed to get away as far as possible.

If you arrive by car

Just drive on. Move your vehicle to where you can park yourself safe. Call then the police and still keep attention to the property. If ever you have already driven into the driveway, pretend then that you were making use of it to turn the car around. Back then out and drive off.

If you disturb the intruders

Immediately get out! Do not also attempt to call out and block likely exits.

If you hear intruders at night

Do not leave the room you are in. Do not also try to subdue or catch the thief. Look to your environment for things that you can defend yourself with. If you have a reachable cell phone or bedside telephone, then call the police immediately. If not, then just wait out the intruder.

Move noisily, have the lights on, and hold a conversation. If alone, pretend to hold a conversation with a male companion.

If you arrive at your home or workplace or wherever and think that a burglary has been committed

When the thieves are no longer there, call the police. As you wait, start a search to know what things go missing. If you cannot cope being alone, you may call for a friend, stay at the neighbour’s house or wait outside until the police arrive.

Be sure to know the urban survival basics.

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