How to Prep for Urban Survival – A Beginners Guide

How to Prep for Urban Survival

How to Prep for Urban Survival: First off, let’s say this.

There’s nothing wrong with living in urban areas.

But there are a few down sides to living in the city or an urban area.

Cities are crowded, there’s a finite food supply, and crowded spaces are prime locations for crime.

But instead of living in fear, there are dangers that exist in every environment.

People are at most at ease when everything runs the way it needs to.

When there is a plan, people are comfortable, they let their guard down.

Those who live in an urban environment need a survival plan in place.

Urban Survival Essentials

It’s important to learn how to begin prepping for survival in case of an unforeseen disaster.

The mental fortitude you’ll need is a must.

But the skills that are necessary to keep one safe are vital to their survival.

How to Prep for Urban Survival

Knowing everything you can about your environment is vital.

What you don’t know, you can learn in your spare time.

Even a regular day-to-day routine can help you become comfortable with your surroundings.

The skills you need are the keys to the solutions you’ll be able to come up with in any given situation.

urban survival

Many people prioritize differently, but the truth is that a person needs a plan, materials, and the proper mental attitude.

If those three core concepts are taken care of, everything else will fall into place.

So, let’s get into it by filling one of the most important needs.


Most people know that human beings can’t do without water.

What some individuals still need to realize is that just having water isn’t enough.

You need to know where your nearest water sources are, and how they can be utilized in an emergency.

How to conserve water

For instance, you can use toilet water from the tank, but the bowl isn’t advised.

Knowing where your local water sources are and knowing how to access them is a good idea.

Knowing how to treat water to make it drinkable and usable is also a needed skill.

Boiling water and using filters to purify it is a good idea, as are DIY filters and water purification tablets.

Water Purification



Another resource that needs to be procured is food.

Many people might find this questionable, but during a crisis, stocking your pantry and other locations will only sustain a family for a short time.

It’s wise to learn where to scavenge for food if necessary.

Foods to stockpile

It might not appear to be the best idea, but the fact is that a great deal of food is wasted regularly.

Rummaging through trash cans is not the first option to take, but in an emergency, it can work.

There are also likely to be public gardens and other edible plants growing within a city environment that can be used as a food source.

Lost foods

Self- Defense 

Many people might not like to think about this, but self-defense is important during a crisis as well.

There are plenty of training courses within a city that can be taken in person.

This is preferred since YouTube tutorials are not as effective for everyone when learning self-defense.

self defense

You won’t become an action star or a warrior overnight, but a person can learn a few simple blocks and attacks.

In a fight, it’s best to know how to react, and how to act to save your own life before you try to save someone else’s.

Common sense is one of your best weapons in this case, but learning how to use your body as a weapon helps as well.

This can also help in learning how to avoid a conflict by maintaining an awareness of your surroundings.

First aid is another great skill to learn before a real crisis occurs.

First aid for preppers

But one will need to learn more than how to apply a bandage.

It could mean the difference between life and death in an emergency.

Blending In

While learning to scavenge and fight are useful skills, being as invisible as possible is another.

Blending in, not standing out, and knowing how to use misdirection are valuable tools.

blending in

In a community-wide crisis, or something worse, it pays to learn how to be as unobtrusive as possible.

Being able to blend in with a crowd is a valuable skill that can keep people safe and away from the notice of any who might seek to harm them.

This is also a skill that can be developed as a family.

Prepping with Kids

You can make a game of this and help your family to gain the needed skill of disappearing in plain sight, which is essential when one is attempting to stay safe.


Shelter is an absolute must for anyone during a crisis.

Being away from home if a crisis hits can be frightening, especially if one is outside their comfort zone.

Learning how to find or create a shelter is one of the most valuable skills a person can develop.


From finding a suitable location to use, to creating a temporary shelter that can keep one safe and secure, knowing how to procure shelter is a talent that should belong in your skill set.

Once that’s determined, another biological certainty will require your attention.

Like it or not, your body will continue to produce waste, even in a crisis.

This means you will need to find and designate a spot to get rid of said waste.

Without proper sanitation, illness becomes a very real possibility, and that will impede your overall physical condition.

Your health is a huge concern during a crisis, so staying healthy and knowing how to maintain your strength and endurance is vital to your continued existence.

Adapting to Your Surroundings

The reason for this has to do with the likelihood of riots within an urban situation, which is a distinct possibility.

There have been too many riots in the past several years to think that they can’t happen.

In these cases, it is best to be fit, well aware of escape routes, and capable of disappearing in a crowd when necessary.


If this isn’t possible, then learning how to adapt to any given situation is the next best thing.

Staying mentally and physically tough will see an individual or a group through an urban crisis so long as the prep work is taken care of, and one knows their neighborhood inside and out.


No one wants a crisis to occur, but it’s wise to be prepared if one does kick off.

Developing new skills that can help you successfully navigate a crisis can help you survive in an urban setting.

So now you know how to prep for urban survival, time to take action.

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