How to Start a Fire: Fire Survival

Once we know how to build a fire, supposedly, we only then need to learn how to start a fire. This is our topic of discussion in this read. For methods of fire-starting, we have modern methods that use modern devices and primitive method that work more on improvisation. The former we will give more attention to today.

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Smoke Signaling Survival

Fire in daylight. It wouldn’t be so effective right since everything else would be pretty much lit by the sun? Well, not really. Now while visually, the light of a fire wouldn’t be near as half as good if it were used at night, as it wouldn’t stand out as well, the smoke a fire creates can step up to the plate and be a real eye-catcher.

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Fire Signaling Survival

A fire can be an effective means of visually signaling others: be it used at night or even day (smoke signal). This is why we’re going to teach you fire signaling for survival situations.

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Pump Drill Method: Fire Building Skills

The Native American tribe, the Iroquois, is known as the pioneers of the pump drill method of making fires. They did so through the use of a flywheel that generated friction. This makes it share the same kind of principle behind the bow drill. Its construction is rather complex, but because of that complexity, it makes fire building an easy process.

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