How to Start a Fire: Fire Survival

Once we know how to build a fire, supposedly, we only then need to learn how to start a fire. This is our topic of discussion in this read. For methods of fire-starting, we have modern methods that use modern devices and primitive method that work more on improvisation. The former we will give more attention to today.

How to Start a Fire: Matches

Be sure to get matches that are waterproof. If possible, store them in waterproof containers alongside a striker pad. Just simply strike the match against a pad to light your fire.

How to Start a Fire: Convex Lens

You can only use this on bright and sunny days. The lens used can range from that of binoculars, signs, magnifying glasses or even cameras. To use, angle the lens in such a way it gets hit by the sun. As so, concentrate those rays toward your tinder. Hold this over a period of time until it begins to ignite. Just finish it up by gently blowing or fanning the tinder until such time it becomes a flame. Then apply just lastly to where you want to build your fire.

How to Start a Fire: Metal Match

Under your tinder, have a flat and dry leaf with a portion of it left exposed. You will place the tip of your metal match on the dry leaf, while holding the match in one hand and in the other a knife. To produce sparks, scrape the knife on one hand against the metal match.  Once the sparks hit, again, just gently blow or fan into the tinder and relocate it to where you desire.

How to Start a Fire: Battery

You can utilize a battery to get a spark. How this will be done will depend on the type of battery. So just attach a wire to each terminal then touch the ends of the bare wires together next to some tinder. This will create a spark where you again do the fanning and relocating.

How to Start a Fire: Gunpowder

This is if you have some ammunition on you. Begin through the careful extraction of the bullet from its shell casing – move the bullet back and forth. You can use the gunpowder as tinder. Discern then the casing and primers. A spark should ignite the powder. Now, while this isn’t one for immediately creating a fire, it might be useful when you can’t acquire tinder any other way. Create the spark with the aforementioned methods above.

There obviously are more modern methods for you to utilize.

How about the prequel to this? Learn how to build a fire here.

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