Shelter Survival Basics

To start off, shelter can protect you from a number of things; namely: the sun, insects, wind, rain, snow, hot or cold temperatures and the enemy. It also helps to maintain your morale and mental state for survival. Here are our shelter survival basics.

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Telling Weather Using Clouds: How?

Among many methods to predict or tell the weather without the need of a forecast, telling weather using clouds is one and has been around, like the others, since how long when meteorological devices weren’t as common as is now and people mostly relied on observation because of it.

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Coleman Red Canyon Tent Review

Tents are a versatile shelter. You can use it anytime, just spare a little time on setting it up and you’ll have a temporary house in no time. There are many tents available in the market right now, including Coleman red canyon tent.

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Best Camping Tents for Outdoor Camping

Want to go camping outdoors? Are you looking for a good camping tent? A good shelter is always a must when camping with your family, especially if you have kids with you. Here’s  my own list of best camping tents for outdoor activities.

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