Homemade Pepper Spray: How – Improvised Weapons

In this series of blog posts, we teach you about different improvised weapons and how to make them. Improvised weapons that you’ll might need in a survival-type situation if firearms and manufactured items such as knives aren’t possible. For this post, we’re going to discuss how to make some homemade pepper spray.

You might know pepper spray as that chemical spray that irritates the eyes of people. As so, tears, pain and temporary blindness usually then follow.  This spray would is mostly used in policing and self-defense even against animals such as dogs and bears. It is for the most part considered non-lethal, however, there are cases reported where the spray was a potential contributing factor for the deaths of some certain people.

How to make Homemade Pepper Spray: Requirements

First, you will need your ingredients:

  • hot red pepper (chili pepper).
  • black pepper (you can add this in the steps if you want your targets to also cough).
  • rubbing alcohol (as much as you need).
  • baby oil.
  • two drinking glasses.
  • one tablespoon.
  • a blender (if the glass and tablespoon aren’t available).
  • coffee filter.

How to make Homemade Pepper Spray: Steps

To make it, after procuring the ingredients, you have to start with placing two tablespoons of your pepper in the glass. Then follow it up with your alcohol to cover the pepper by at least a centimeter. Mix it well, through stirring, then grind your mixture for at least 10 minutes. By the way, you could grind faster using a blender.

After all that, add your baby oil just enough to raise half a centimeter of the liquids. For 5 minutes, continue to stir.

To filter, pour the mixture you have in your first glass into the second. You can store this pepper spray you now have in a spray bottle. Shake the bottle from time to time for it to be more effective.

More stuff learned. You might be interested in also learning how to make a slingshot.

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