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You want to secure your home or household right? Would it not be obvious that the foremost thing to keep in mind and do is prevent intruders and criminals from getting INTO your property? With that, we will discuss suggestions and ways for keeping intruders out out of your property. This as part of our lessons on home security.

To keep intruders from going in, you have to check all possible entry points from where they can do so. You must make sure that they are secure.

Do not overlook even the smallest window. These you could have at an attic, doorway or bathroom. Don’t overlook them because they could just be spacious enough for someone to force their body into.

If you have any skylights or windows high up, they could be vulnerable. Especially vulnerable if there is ladder access or access from the roof. The roof here being adjacent to another roof from another building – perhaps scaffolding leading to the roof even.

Then we have chutes and coal holes a child or adult could squeeze into and get in. The chimneys in old houses likewise could allow for access and entry.

For priorities, you should start with your ground floor. What then follows would be any windows up near access points such as drainpipes and flat roofs.

You can simply insert screws to wood-framed windows for added security. This of which would prevent the effectiveness of staybars, catches and latches. However, this screwing shut of the window would not be advisable if you will need it as a fire escape.

If you have a sash window, you could drill a hole as a short-term solution through its inner sash. Next then into the outer so that you can hold in place a screw to stop the window from opening. By inserting a screw, you can also temporarily kind of slow down the progress of staybars and casement window catches.

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