Urban Survival Gear

A lot of times we talk about jungle survival kits. Of course, you’ll never know when you’ll get deserted in a jungle or some island where there are no convenience stores nor portable toilets. When coming across such a situation, the top priority of course is how to survive.

Survival, or self-preservation is everyone’s business. You, me, your next door neighbor, even the person who stole your parking space this morning on your way to the office – we all are in one way or another in this continuous process of struggling to survive.

But the thing is, as much as we gear up and learn how to survive when in a remote place, we also need to survive when in the metro and in the outskirts of the city. You may have a backpack you carry around with you all the time, but are the things inside your bag useful in times of need? Are you carrying with you essential items that may save you in times of emergency?

Urban survival Gear

When caught in an urban survival situation, you are to face events that you may not have experienced and never thought would experience in your entire life. Why do we need to prepare? I believe in what Stephen King said, “There’s no harm in hoping for the best as long as you’re prepared for the worst.” We need prep up for worst case scenarios because that’s the only way we can survive.


To gear up as an urban survival man, you must:

  1. Give careful thought on the most common incidents that may occur to you, having that kind of lifestyle, as well as the environment that you belong to.
  2. After you have sat down and thought about the most common incidents that you may be involved in, jot down the most necessary items that you would need to pack for such incident. It would also help if you could categorize incidents according to its scope. Is it a small incident within your city? Is it a small disaster that extends to the metro? Is it a real big disaster that the entire state experiences? You will notice that whether it’s a small incident or a big disaster, there are items that are constantly needed to be packed.
  3. Prepare a carry all bag for each scope of disaster. Again, the items in your urban survival carry bag is tailored to the kind of lifestyle and the incidents that you are most likely to experience.

What to include in your bag?

  1. Bag 1 is an on person gear. It can be a small pouch that you carry with you for everyday emergencies. It’s composed of items that needs to be within your reach like your wallet, watch, phone, a flashlight, a pocket knife.
  2. Bag 2 is a near person gear – something you can always pull from the trunk of your car or your locker. Items present in this bag can be a travel umbrella, pocket tissues, batteries, a deodorant, a clean shirt, some energy bars, a small bottle of clean water, an adapter, sanitizing hand wipes and the like.
  3. Bag 3 is a bug out bag. It can be a ready packed bag that you can just pick up from your home in case of emergencies. In this bag, you may include some cash, a fire starting kit, some medicines, first aid kit, pliers, rope, safety pins, markers, glue, notebook, scissors, tape, canned goods, sewing kit, etc.

Urban Survival Gear – Micro Style

Urban Survival Gear


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All of these may not be enough to answer all your needs during an emergency situation. Because what you carry in your bag is limited, it also pays to know how to repurpose the things that you have inside your bag. For example, needles in your sewing kit can also be a good splinter remover.

And if the need arises, and only if you have a medical degree, it can be used for surgical stitches. Permanent markers can be used to leave messages on paper, cardboards, wood, glass, cloth, even on one’s arm.

A lot of looting incidents were reported after hurricane Katrina. People from all walks of life, driven by the fear of hunger and the thought that it would be long before their needs would be attended to, have gone stealing anything from groceries in order to provide for their families.

Do you think such a disaster will never come your way?

Think again. They might’ve thought of that before, as well but it happened. You see, what caused them to respond in such a way is their instinct to survive. No matter how advanced the world is now, the term ‘survival of the fittest’ still stands.


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