Alarm Systems & Home Security

Alarms are another asset of security. This is a discussion of alarm systems for home security, safety and security, urban survival.

Simple alarms

With simple alarms operating on batteries, you can be alerted of whoever opens the door or window. Usually to set such an alarm you either would turn a key or punch into it a digital code.

This would be ideal if you live up above the ground, such as an apartment block, with only one way to enter like through the door, or want to deny access to specific parts of your property.

Alarm Systems – Home Security: Safety & Security – Urban Survival

Just seeing an alarm could trigger and deter a burglar from attempting a break in. Only the professionals know how to deal with such so you just know that this is indeed worth the effort.

However, this could also be a minus. Lots of people get triggered when seeing an alarm box in front of a house. Because they could assume it as a home housing protected valuables. 

An alarm could scare the living hell out of a burglar. Especially when fully caught off guard with sirens, lights and bells. When it happens, they will try to run ASAP. And if you are in, these alarms would “alarm you” and everybody the vicinity of the alarm that something is happening.

Remember that when you choose an alarm system, you will need to set it each instance you leave your house or go back to bed. Alarm systems can be fiddly this way. If you see no point in using it as it is more of a hassle, then just don’t install it.

Systems of domestic purposes are not that far from simple, just try to make sure your system has flexibile enoguh to what you want.

If it really is just a hassle, you can make a simple and cheap dummy alarm box to fool and deter thieves.

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