Aboveground Still Water Survival

It is possible to draw moisture from the ground and plant material. This moisture, which is water, obviously would be essential to your survival.  One can do so via stills(water). You can use these in various parts of the world. Certain materials you will need to build so.

Furthermore, you will need time for them to collect. A day could get around a half to a whole liter of water. And this does so passively, so it gives you time to do other things. For this post, we will focus on the construction of an aboveground still.

Aboveground Still Water Survival: Preliminary

For you to make an aboveground still for collecting water, you will need a sunny slope for placement, green leafy vegetation, a clear plastic bag, and lastly a small rock.

First, start to fill the clear plastic bag with air. Do so by leading the opening into a wind breeze or by scooping air into it. Then fill the plastic bag half to three-fourths of your green leafy vegetation. Make sure to also remove any pointy objects that potentially could puncture your bag.

Also, your green leafy vegetation should not be poisonous. It might poison the water collected.

Do not use poisonous vegetation. It will provide poisonous liquid.

Aboveground Still Water Survival: Main Steps

Okay, so now place a small or something similar in your plastic bag. Close it then and tie its mouth as near to the end of the bag as possible. Do so as to keep the most amount space of air space.

Optionally,  if you hold in your possession either a hollow reed, a small straw, or piece of tubing, you can insert one end in the mouth of the plastic bag before you do to tie it securely. For air to not escape, you then tie off or plug the tubing. This tubing would help a lot in that it will allow you to drain out condensed water without needing to untie your bag.

You then will need to position your bag, with its mouth pointing downhill, on a sunny slope. The mouth you should position, a bit higher than the lower point in the bag.

Moving on, settle the bag in place. Make it so that the rock would work itself into the low point in the bag.

To get condensed water from this, you will need to loosen the tie around the bag’s mouth. And then tip it so that the collected water around the rock drains out. Retie then the mouth well and reposition your still to allow for further condensation and thus further collecting.

After you extract most water from it, you will need to change the vegetation in the bag. This allows you to collect the most amount of water.

You might find interest in purifying water.


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