Traps and Snares Food Survival

Setting up traps or snares can be a great way to secure some wild game for food. This would otherwise be an alternative to the direct hunting of animals. Furthermore, it could potentially be a more effective way at getting food than the latter. Today, for your benefit, we will be giving a general overview of Traps and Snares Food Survival.

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Water Purification Water Survival

A human cannot live for an extended period of time without water. Water is an essential resource for survival. If you can find water out there in the wild or anywhere else, good, but how good is the water? Is it free from bacteria or pathogens that could, indeed, make your situation worse?

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Plant Survival Basics

Plants can provide for a large array of needs. They are found in the wilderness, where they are most commonly abundant, in the desert, on islands and isles and etc. Their uses range from food to medicine to even water.

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Improvised Water Filter: Improvised Gear

In this series of blog posts, we teach you how to make different improvised gear. Of which one can find handy to make for and in survival scenarios. For this post, we’re going to discuss how to make an improvised water filter – two ways actually.

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