Survival Skills: Water Gathering

Our bodies are composed of around 60 percent water. It cannot be said enough how vital and necessary it is for us to live. Take this into reference: dehydration can kill a person in just 3 days while death from hunger can kill in upwards of 35.

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Survival Skills: Food Foraging

Food is one of the three basic needs of humans. It gave us energy to do our daily tasks and gave us the nutrients that is needed in our body in order for us to survive. But what will happened if we are accidentally trapped or out of food supplies in an adventure?

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Hunting Language: Big Game Hunting Terms

Hunters uses terminologies that might not not make any sense to non-hunters. But if you want to survive in the wilderness, you must know how to hunt. And if you want to learn how to hunt, you might want to go with a pack of hunters. To learn from them, you must learn their language- hunting language.

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LifeStraw Personal Water Filter Review

Indeed water is significant to us as a living organism. It helps us regulate temperature of the cells and maintain other bodily functions. An adult human body averages for about 50-60 percent making it to be known as an important element in our body to process. LifeStraw personal water filter is a product that would help you maintain your water level.

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The Best Survival Foods

When faced with a disaster that will limit your activities, or even keep you from going outside your home, are you prepared enough to last the next days or weeks without going hungry?

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