Be Ready for Disaster: Drought Survival

Drought is one of the least violent catastrophes. It is one of the most dangerous and scary disaster you can ever encounter. Why? It would kill you slowly with thirst and hunger.  Global warming is happening now and the most severe drought can be it’s effect in your area. Preparedness, like always, is the main tool in drought survival.

But what is drought?

Drought is a disaster characterized by the absence of precipitation. That means, no rain, no snow, not even a drizzle. Water will dry up, plants will die, and even the grass dies,too.

Drought is caused by several events: global climate change, El Niño, and human activities. Global warming, in general,  increases total world rainfall but leaves some areas in drought. El Niño, on the other hand, is a band of warm water (usually in the Pacific) that sends hot weather to nearby regions -for a long duration.

Drought Survival: What should I do?

Like what this site is telling you always, the key to any survival is preparedness.  Stock water and food supplies. Learn how to garden during the hottest weather. Prepare yourself and your stash.

Conserve water. You should not waste resources because you might not know when you’d need them. It is the most practical thing to do in preparing for a drought. Here’s a list things you should do to save water:

  • Use water wisely. Drinking and food preparation is your top priority. Do not water your lawn if it is already moist.
  • Instead of running the faucet to get cold water, fill a jug with water and store it in your refrigerator.
  • Put a brick inside your toilet tank. This will lessen the water used to flush.
  • Don’t throw away gray water (dish water, laundry water, etc.). They can be used in flushing the toilet or cleaning the pavement. They can even be used in watering your plants.
  • Do less laundry. If your clothes is not dirty do not throw them in the laundry. You can use the same pajamas for several nights.
  • Check and repair leaks. Always check your water system for leaks and repair it immediately so that you don’t waste precious water.
  • Install water-saving  utilities. Replace your old toilet, damaged faucet, etc. Choose appliances that uses less water.

Store water. The key to beating drought is storage. Your water reservoir is your lifesaver during droughts. A few things you could do to store water are:

  • Collect rainwater. Having drums under your roof gutter will help you store free water. You can use rainwater in your garden or washing your car. You can also dig ponds in your backyard to collect rainwater.
  • Bury water supply. Underground cisterns beats the effect of evaporation. It is also one way to keep your water cool and refreshing.

Having your emergency water supply is not only for drought survival. You can also use it when the water supply is contaminated to avoid diseases during disasters.

Fact: Your body is made up of 75% water. And 3/4 of earth is made up of water. However, only 10-15% of these waters are good enough for drinking.



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