Top 5 Worst Natural Disasters: Be Prepared!

This is a list of the deadliest natural disaster ever recorded in history. May these worst natural disasters serve as a lesson for us so that we may be ready for anything that would come in the future.

Top 5 Worst Natural Disasters

1.The Deadliest Earthquake

July 5, 1201 : Egypt and Syria. The deadliest earthquake in recorded history struck making number one of the 10 worst natural disasters ever recorded in history.This disaster killed over 1.1 million people and destroyed countless homes.

2. The Black Death

The bubonic plague or “Black Death” killed more or less 33 percent of the entire European population .It struck between 1347 and 1350. It also affected millions in North Africa and Asia. Scientists believed that the plague was  a zoonotic disease due to Yersinia pestis bacterium spread caused  poor hygiene and fleas carried by rats.

3. Indian Famine

A great famine took over ten million lives in India, year 1769. At that time, This was nearly one-third of the total Indian population. It was due to crop shortage and drought. The population was devastated by deaths. The famine lasted until 1773

4. The Deadliest Drought

China holds the record of the deadliest drought in history. From 1876, the drought lasted until 1879.The rivers ran dry which causes the death of crops and livestock. Nine provinces were affected by the lack of food production and the drought ended up killing over nine million people.

5. Chinese Famine

1959 to 1961. Over 20 million people died of famine in China.This is because the Mao government declared inflated food production and then took 50 percent of all the harvests.

We hope this list of worst natural disasters encourages every one of us to be prepared in the future.

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