Value Living: Survival Basics

If you remember, we were able to discuss the survival basics. Furthermore, that discussion took us to the acronym, SURVIVAL. Each letter representing a crucial element in survival. Today, we’re going to take a look at what the letter V of the acronym, SURVIVAL, means – Value Living: Survival Basics.

By the way, this topic is better explained in detail in our survival psychology post. Think of this one survival basics post as a primer for that umbrella post for future discussions on survival psychology.

For us to survive, we must have the will to survive. For us to continue to live, we must have the stubbornness to remain living even when the odds are stacked against us.

A survival situation can take a heavy toll on us – not just physical but also mental. For we will face discomfort, inconvenience and stress. Furthermore, you will also most likely be alone for the whole journey.

Your survival skills can be absolutely critical to your survival. However, these are but useless when you just drop the ball. When instinct and general will is waning until such time it eventually comes to pass.

In short, value your life – value living.

Just to recap on the survival acronym:

S – Size up on the situation

  • Surroundings.
  • Physical Condition.
  • Equipment.
  • Combat.

U – Use all your senses, undue haste makes waste – Then think before you do something.

R – Remember where you are – Then always have a sense of where you are and where you’re going.

V – Vanquish fear and panic – Then be in the correct mental state and possess the correct attitude.

I – Improvise – Make due of the situation.

V – Value living – Never stop having the will to survive.

A – Act like the natives – Think how natives would adapt to this land.

L – Learn Basic Skills – These basic skills to learn and apply are at the heart of survival.

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