Urban Survival Basics: What is Urban Survival?

To open up the topic, we would like to define “urban survival” in essence as survival in an urban setting. An apocalyptic or major catastrophe does not necessarily have to be the preceding factor. But you could always still apply the things that we will teach you throughout these urban survival lessons to those kinds of scenarios.

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Survival Communication

You will have to follow a couple of guidelines when dealing with any locals you encounter in a survival situation. Your survivor behavior towards these otherwise foreign people should mirror this guide.

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Act like the Natives: Survival Basics

If you remember, we were able to discuss the survival basics. Furthermore, that discussion took us to the acronym, SURVIVAL. Each letter representing a crucial element in survival. Today, we’re going to take a look at what the letter A of the acronym, SURVIVAL, means – Act like the Natives: Survival Basics.

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