Stress Psychology

Stress is our body’s reaction to stressors. These stressors have us to feel some kind of pressure. Stress hormones get released in this process of feeling pressured, feeling threatened. Take note, that we first discussed the concept of stress over at our survival psychology basics post.

Anyways, you should know how stress plays a huge role in the formation of these survival psychology posts of ours. In a survival situation, you are bound to feel stress under the odds. Lots of what you will do in a survival situation will involve you feeling stressed or at least in some way dealing with it. To shed some light on this topic, we made this stress survival psychology post for an overview of stress in survival circumstances.

Need for Stress Survival Psychology: Positives

Stress is not all one shade of bad. It can also be good for you with some of the positive things that it brings.

Stress can be good…

  • because it can provide us with this sense of challenge. Keeping us on our toes so that we won’t let our guard down.
  • because it can give us these chances for us to better learn about our own values and strengths.
  • because it can reveal this ability of ours to manage things without succumbing to pressure.
  • because it can test how good we are to adapt and be flexible.
  • because it pushes us to our limits.
  • because it gives better significance to the experiences for learning.
  • because it can activate adrenaline.

Need for Stress Survival Psychology: Negatives

While there is a need for stress, too much of it can also be bad. An extreme excess of it can take its toll on you as it has taken a toll on others. This event then can lead to distress. This “distress” creates tension that we then have to try to evade.

Some signs of distress are:

  • Having the difficulty of making decisions.
  • Having angry outburts.
  • Being forgetful.
  • Having low energy levels.
  • Having constant worrying
  • Having a propensity for mistakes.
  • Having thoughts about dying or even suicide.
  • Having trouble cooperating
  • Having trouble from withdrawing from others.
  • Having trouble with responsibilities.
  • Being careless.

Stress Survival Psychology: Conclusion

If you can notice, stress can either be a huge plus or minus. It can either motivate or instill fear and panic. Anyhow, you will have to learn to manage stress so as to have your head still in the game.

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