Survival Psychology Basics

You can have all the survival skills and knowledge you want, if you don’t have the will to survive, having all that won’t matter. There are instances of people placed in unprepared for ordeals with little to knowledge, but when it went down to the wire, they still survived.

The opposite is also true. There are instances of people WITH lots of knowledge on survival basics and skills but alas could not withstand the forces against them. We’re not saying that you don’t need to learn all this survival stuff. Instead, what we do mean is that your drive for survival at the end of the day will always be the fuel running behind everything else. This talk about having a mindset of survival is the reason why we’re going to take a look at some survival psychology basics.

Survival Psychology Basics: Stress

There is a psychology to survival. Your mind is bound to feel stress in stressful situations. Situations you can’t control, such as one of survival. Stressors abound – they will mess your mind up. Make you clumsy and careless. Emotions and thoughts are rapidly sent to your head. And you generally just can’t stop stressors from being stressors, however, managing the stress you get from said stressors is possible.

Stress is not something meant for eradication like a virus from your body. It is a condition that will always be there – we ought to learn how to manage rather than eliminate.

Stressors are the events and stress is our body’s reaction to the stressors.

Our bodies either go into flight or fight mode then releasing adrenaline in response to stress.

Survival Psychology Basics: Mentality

The greatest thing to destroy you in a survival situation is fear and panic. If you don’t manage it well, if you let it consume you, it will hamper your decision-making. Leading your attention to mental constructs instead of reality.

This fear will drain you of positive energy. You will have to vanquish this fear. You can’t really do much to not feel stress, but with fear, you can instead just calm down and let self-confidence envelop you.

It’s important to remain with a positive mental attitude so that you’ll never stop.

How about reading some survival basics?

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