Survival Basics

This is the post where we explain the most fundamental aspect of survival – survival itself. What it means and how you can achieve it. This is a run-through on the core of survival – survival basics. Where we give you the run-down on the very key aspect of this entire blog.


Survival ultimately is the act of surviving, to keep on living. The circumstances most usually when one is under duress. Our survival pins itself on how sharpened our survival skills are or very basically how we do against the odds.

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Survival Basics: The acronym you’ll most need to remember

S – Size up on the situation

  • Surroundings.
  • Physical Condition.
  • Equipment.
  • Combat.

U – Use all your senses, undue haste makes waste – Then think before you do something.

R – Remember where you are – Then always have a sense of where you are and where you’re going.

V – Vanquish fear and panic – Then be in the correct mental state and possess the correct attitude.

I – Improvise – Make due of the situation.

V – Value living – Never stop having the will to survive.

A – Act like the natives – Think how natives would adapt to this land.

L – Learn Basic Skills – These basic skills to learn and apply are at the heart of survival.

Survival Basics: The Pattern

This pattern will be the rhythm you’ll play yourself at for survival. This pattern should make for the acquisition of what our survival skills basics mean to achieve, namely: food, water, shelter, fire, first aid and signal perhaps also navigation.  It also mainly goes like this – food for hunger, water for thirst, shelter for protection, fire for warmth, first aid for health and signal for rescue.


Bushcraft is also synonymous with survival but caters more towards when we’re placed in a wilderness type setting. Remember that survival can also stretch out to the urban jungle or even at sea.

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